Category: Straight shotacon manga (comics)

Feb 13

Zeak’s wonderful life of doom

Veru cute furry boy were raped by their teacher and headmaster 🙂 Type: yaoi/straight furry shotacon comix | Author: Jkal (Hyseed) | 22 pics

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Feb 07

Ane Kan!

Cute boy was raped his sister into her ass & pussy 🙂 Type: straight shotacon manga | Author: Nanashi noizi | Language: English | 31 pics

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Jan 18

[email protected] 3

Slutty girl enjoying sex with shota boy 🙂 Also, it’s all translated! Type: shotacon-lolicon manga | Author: Menyoujan | Language: English | 17 pics

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Jan 14

A day at the beach

Cute boy was fucked by two very bigboobbed women 🙂 Also, it’s all translated! Type: straight shotacon comix | Author: Glassfish | Language: English | 14 pics

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Jan 08

IOWA The BIG Stick!!

Cute boy having fun with futa woman 😉 Type: shotacon manga | Author: Aka | Language: Chinese | 18 pics

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Dec 29

Scent of woman

Teenboy was raped by a drunken woman. 😉 Type: straight shotacon manga | Author: Tange Suzuki | Language: English | 16 pics

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Dec 25

Bikini Santa is Coming!

Loli Santa for naughty little boys is coming ! 🙂 Type: shotacon-lolicon manga | Author: Mudoh Eichi | Language: English | 8 pics

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Nov 07

Busty Fumina Trial

Mom having fun with her little son 😉 Type: straight shotacon manga | Author: Kloah | Language: Spanish | 19 pics

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Oct 31

Boys’ and Girls’ Summer

This pack contains two old, but very good straight shotacon, shotacon-lolicon mangas (comix) – “Boys’ and Girls’ Summer” – a fully colored, not censored and translated into English comic where two little shota boys and one pretty little loli girl fucking in various positions outside, near the waterfall. The second comic called “My Yuki Sensei” …

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Oct 16

Heat Land

Cute boy enjoying his first time with big-boobed woman 😉 Type: straight shotacon manga | Author: Puchiya | Language: English | 14 pics

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