Tag: bestiality

Jan 23

Heredia Shotacon Art Collection Vol. 2

The newest, hot and complete yaoi shotacon collection of images made in western style by famous Heredia! Horny shota boys got hard fucked using various BDSM gadgets and sex toys. In this pack cute little shota boys having fun with various animals like dogs, horses and pigs, enjoy! Also, don’t miss the others works by …

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Jan 06

Cute shota animation pack vol.1

Very cute & sexy shota boys enjoying sex with friends, animals, monsters, etc 🙂 “Cute shota animation” is a series contains most quality images by different authors with cute boys, enjoy! 😉 And don’t miss the other parts! Type: yaoi/straight shotacon animations | Author: Various | 30 gif-animations

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Dec 26

Twink Candy: Short Yaoi Shotacon Illustrated Stories Vol. 1

Twink Candy is a big yaoi shotacon 3D anthology about boys who love sex with older guys. Each image has it’s own detailed hot story about boys who love to be sucked and fucked with their older friends, dads and grandpas, enjoy! Type: yaoi shotacon 3D images | Author: Bigfoot100 | 30 pics

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Dec 26

VCP Straight Shotacon 3D Pack

Very hot straight shotacon, lolicon 3D pack by VCP. Horny little shota boys having fun with their family, moms and older sisters, enjoy! Type: shotacon-lolicon 3D images | Author: VCP | 42 pics

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Oct 23

Sky Whale Yaoi Shotacon Art Collection

This pack contains various yaoi shotacon images by Sky Whale artist. Mostly not censored or very light censored works. Contains some bestiality, tentacles and furry scenes, enjoy! Type: yaoi shotacon images | Author: Various | 234 pics

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Aug 17

Cumtroika yaoi shotacon pack part 2

Naughty boys also like make it with their friends…and furfriends, too 😉 WARNINGS:  rape, torture, violence, BDSM, bondage. And don’t miss other packs, too! 😉 Type: yaoi shotacon 3D images | Author: Cumtroika | 30 pics

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Jul 30

Diego bath 2

Continuation of this saga. Prince and his servant having fun with each other and with their dog, too! 😉 Type: straight shotacon 3D comix | Author: Malajuven | 76 pics

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Jul 09

Boys and Dogs by Heredia

Horny dogs fucking cute little shota boys, isn’t it awesome? Yes, it is! That’s why this Heredia’s pack is fully dedicated to this bestiality madness, enjoy! Type: yaoi shotacon images | Author: Heredia | 38 pics

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Jul 01

Shinki Shotacon Art Collection

Hot yaoi shota image set. Horny shota boys having fun with each others, showing their bodies, undies, cocks and butts. Contains fully colored and uncensored (or very light censored) artworks by Shinki, enjoy! Type: yaoi shotacon images | Author: Shinki | 35 pics

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Jun 14

Dknobold’s shota pack

Very cute boys (twins, too 😉 like to playing sex games with their friends 🙂 Type: yaoi shotacon 3D images | Author: Dknobold | 26 pics

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