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Feb 25

Footfetish shotacon pack vol.1

“Footfetish shotacon pack” is a series for footfetish and footjob lovers, enjoy! 🙂 Type: yaoi shotacon images | Author: Various | 50 pics

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Feb 23

Beyond words part 1

Older bro having fun with his little furry brother 🙂 Type: furry yaoi shotacon comix | Author: Jery&Kiffin | 22 pics

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Feb 11

Po-Ju illustrations yaoi shotacon pack vol.1

It’s a fullcolor & uncensored illustrations from Po-Ju’s artworks 🙂 Type: yaoi shotacon images | Author: Po-Ju | 46 pics

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Feb 09

Darky yaoi shotacon pack vol.1

Cute shota boys (and furry boys, too 🙂  ) enjoying sex with each other 😉 Type: furry/yaoi shotacon images | Author: Darky | 28 pics

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Feb 05

Kyle the fox run away

Cute little fox boy enjoying sex with mr. Gator 🙂 Type: furry yaoi shotacon comix | Author: Comp five | Language: English | 13 pics

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Jan 20

Sleep over

Two furry boys enjoying each other 😉 Also, it’s all translated! Type: furry shotacon comix | Author: Shiuk | Language: English | 8 pics

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Aug 06

Flame Department Yaoi Shotacon Art Collection

Horny and cute shota boys showing their juicy cocks and tight asses, masturbating, sucking and hard ass fucking with the others boys and men. Contains various uncensored (or very light censored) artworks by Flame Department, enjoy! Type: yaoi shotacon images | Author: Flame Department | 151 pics

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